Next Meeting of the San Antonio NPSOT Chapter:

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Trees in the Right of Way – The Naturalized Mass Planting Concept

Chris Chambers, District Landscape Architect for the San Antonio District of TxDOT, will provide a history of how this concept evolved and how it functions.

The naturalized mass planting concept is the latest solution to the current factors affecting TxDOT landscaping. It is a planting technique based on the plant community concept that allows plants to reach a state of maturity in which they are able to maintain themselves with little or no input by man. This approach is designed to create the conditions under which a plant community can develop, stabilize, and become a self-maintaining. It does not intend to faithfully recreate a historically precise replica of a native ecosystem. It relies on a natural sorting process which builds a relatively stable environment that allows plants to grow where they are best adapted to do so.
It has three fundamental characteristics:
1. A diversity of plant types, species, and sizes.
2. Sufficient plant mass to create an interior zone that is shaded and protected from drying winds and extreme exposure.
3. A ground surface rich in organic matter and microorganisms that effectively conserves moisture and recycles plant nutrients.

6:30 pm – Social time, snacks, plant exchange
7:00 pm – Meeting and program
Lions Field Adult Center
2809 Broadway (corner of Mulberry & Broadway by Brackenridge Park)
Map to Lions Field Adult Center http://tinyurl.com/LionsField-SA


A Call for Help with Native Plant Research
A local Chemistry Professor at UIW, and a NPSOT Member, Dr. Brian McBurnett is looking for other NPSOT Members to help him and his students on a research project involving native plants that are or have been used for natural dyes. He is seeking members with access to these kinds of plants. He has provided a one sheet list of the plants, as well as a spreadsheet with additional information regarding the dye color for each.

If you interested in helping, please reach out to Dr. McBurnett via email. As you all know, it is very hard for researchers to access private lands to study our native Texas flora. Please help if you can. Thank you for your support!